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Purple Glow

"Coach Christy has helped me with my serve.  She helped me to hit farther, faster, and harder!  Now, it is easy for me to have a good serve during a volleyball game."

-Alivia Evans

Age 11


"Coach Callahan is coach who believes in everyone and motivates you to become the best volleyball you can be. She helped me on my journey to continue my volleyball career. I was not the easiest player to coach, however, her knowledge and love for the game allowed me to learn so much about volleyball and myself as a player. Now, I can't put the ball down."

-Alexis Goldston

Bloomfield College Division II


“Coach Christy was an amazing coach. She made us grow tremendously from start to finish and never gave up on our team.”

-Brittney Buller

 Allatoona high school, Ga, ‘16

Purple Glow

“Coach Callahan really pushed us physically and mentally. I was the best shape in my life (especially with the consequences lol) I felt like she taught us to look at the game point by point, play by play. Not to look at the game as a whole. She trained us to go up against the impossible to prepare us for the competition.”

-Brandi Smith

Harford Community College, Md, ‘15 (Division I NJCAA)


“I played volleyball for 10 years, and after a while I started to get burned out on volleyball. Coach Christy’s positivity as a coach was very refreshing and kept me in the sport. I later moved on to play right side hitter at Piedmont College my freshman year.”

-Hannah Collins

 Piedmont College, Ga. ‘20 (Division III)


“My name is Mina. I’m 12 years old and I’ve been playing volleyball since I was 8. Coach Christy helped me in topping off some skills like serving. I’ve learned more in the last month with her than in the last 4 years of playing.”

-Mina Yuksel

12 years old

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