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How it works: Purchase now and you will be eligible for discounts immediately!

Best Value




50% Discount on all programs except: Club Volleyball, Training Teams, Private/Group Lessons

Valid for one year

50% off all Kids League programs, camps & clinics

5 Free Kids open gyms (Save $12 charge times 5= Save $60)

Gold Membership T-shirt

Free access to Christmas Party-up to 2 guests free

2 Free Raffles at Christmas Party

Exclusive Member Email List to Register for programs 1st

When will my daughter/son receive their Gold Membership items? *PROGRAM DISCOUNT: Immediately: 50% off all programs immediately upon registration *YOUTH OPEN GYM: Within 2 weeks: 5 free youth volleyball open gyms *MEMBERSHIP T-Shirt: 1st registered event after purchasing membership: Gold Membership t-shirt at their first event they registered for. *CHRISTMAS PARTY: By December 1st: Access to the Christmas party & 2 free raffle tickets. *RAFFLE TICKETS: By December 1st: 2 free Christmas party raffle tickets *EXCLUSIVE EMAIL LIST: Before every client blast email & for every new program: Exclusive email list; Always receive updates first before email blast is sent out to all clients. How will my daughter or son receive their items? *50% off registration: online *Open gym tickets, Christmas Party tickets, Raffle Tickets & Exclusive Email List: Email

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