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Our Mission

To provide important volleyball skill sets, and guide the youth to tap into their limitless potential through positive coaching, team building, and motivational speaking.

PMV was Maryland's #1 Largest Club Volleyball Program within year one of business. 
In 2022-2023: PMV was rated among one of the top Programs in the world, due to consistent, high volume sales and repeat customers. 
PMV has also been rated as PG County's #1 Volleyball Program on Google & Yelp. 

The 3 P's



         POWER, We PHITE!" -PMV 

                                        P: Positive   

                                               H: Honest       

                                            I: Intelligent

                                           T: Tough

                                       E: Energy

Diamonds represent our organization, PMV
(Passionate Motivation Volleyball)

At PMV, we believe that our                                 athletes represent diamonds!
               *Similar to diamonds, our athletes are                    reminded of their true beauty.
               *Through careful guidance, our                                diamonds/athletes are shaped by                            experienced people in the profession                    (in this case, quality coaches/mentors                    help shape the brig
ht future and                              positive mindsets of our youth                                  athletes).
                 *The athletes are reminded of their                         sharpness (their true intelligence
                 *After some dedicated time, our                               diamonds/athletes learn such                                 
 intelligent volleyball information and                     develop intense and high levels                                 of skill, they begin to outshine much                     of the world. It's also important to                           remind each athlete of the intelligence                   each truly holds. 

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